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Asteroid Run

This is a project we had been working on through out the college year as an introduction to games development. As part of our CA we were tasked with completing the game. Missiles were mandatory but I decided to add in space mines also which also make use of some very basic AI. Also to make it more obvious to the player that the ship is actually thrusting forward, I attempted some basic animation of a thruster flame which hopefully you can see in the demo video. Finally I thought it would be interesting to display some text updates to the player, this turned out to be a bit of a task as mixing 2d with 3d those not give the desired effect one might want. But thanks to the wonderful random people you encounter on the internet, there was a solution to that too :)

A short video demo

Radical Racer 3D

This is a project I am developing from scratch for our 2nd year project. Its a basic enough racing game where by you will compete against AI racers. The trickiest part I believed was going to be implementing the AI but as you can see from the below video I had some success :D, the AI cars basically employ a "radar" of sorts and test the texture for colors and take appropriate action depending on those results. The overall aim of my game is to have a tournament and compete on various tracks and use a points system to determine the over all winner in a drivers championship.

Bit more progress made with levels, obstacles to avoid and power ups added

Next step to work on is track position for the cars so that I can see who is currently leading. This will involve the use of checkpoints that I already have in place. After that I guess all that is left to do is sound and a quick polish and it should be good to go. *fingers crossed*

The finished product

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