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This is a test page for my third year games development project. The main focus is been given to providing an algorithm that will control a missile from launch to terminal guidance. For a missile to be efficient, it will normally try and always lead its target rather than just chase it. In military sidewinders target tracking is done with Infrared and proportional navigation but this project will try an approach of using an on board radar system. Other features that are to be included in this project will be:

The radar system

Radar Sequence 1 The player/owner craft sweeps the area with a bounding box. This meant to represent a radar sweep of the area. Radar Sequence 2 If the sweep collides with another craft, that craft spawns a bounding sphere that will continue to expand until it expires. This is the represent the ping back. Radar Sequence 3 Once the owner/player craft receives the ping they begin to log the origin and signature of the received ping and from this the tracking process can begin.

Update 03/05/2013 Unity Networking Demo Unity Networking Demo start screen

Networking in place. Webplayer version allows connection to unity master server to register/find hosts

Play Here

Standalone (Downloadable) version includes the above and also a LAN game discovery feature.

Download Here

Firewall info For the Unity master test server IP address Port 23466 Application port 25001 For the LAN multicast (which should work regardless even running two or more instances on a local machine with no network access) the MC address is on port 2225

Update 10/03/2013

Training App

Current File Size: ~5Mb Ported to unity 4.0.1 Craft and missile now have their own radar systems Tab key toggles target selection and F fires same as previous. All other controls remain the same. Model source Apache - http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/44235 CC-Zero license AIM 9 SW - http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/22736 CC-Zero license

Play the game (WIP)

(Requires Unity web player available here if the page above doesn't trigger a download) Edit: 28/02/2013 Training App Current File Size: 2.2 Mb Experimenting with implementing a radar system that pings its target and waits for a response Also playing with the idea of a HUD for the radar The main helicopter can now be controlled by the following Keypad 7 = forward Keypad 9 = brake / reverse Keypad 8 = pitch up Keypad 2 = pitch down Keypad 6 = yaw left Keypad 4 = yaw right Some notes: best viewed full screen as I noticed an issue where the radar HUD is placed compared to when testing the main build. the target craft can still be controlled by the following .... S Pitch target up W Pitch target down D Accelerate target in the forward direction A Decelerate/Reverse target Q Yaw target Left about targets up axis E Yaw target Right about targets up axis F Launch to missile at target Still a work in progress Note: Web player does not seem to be supported on linux. Edits: Added basic water Added skybox Update 24/02/2013: Missile computes lead constantly on launch Target has maneuverability to test missile

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