Project Development

This page contains a series of prototypes as well as the main application
being developed as part of my thesis.
The basis of the project centers around volume rendering and volume manipulation.

The demonstrations shown here will only run Chrome or FireFox (IE11 has some catching up to do) and should also work on mobile devices (although no effort has been made to optimize for mobile)

Voxel Sphere

Voxelisation of a mathematically
defined sphere in its purest form.

Voxel Sphere

Marching Cube

Demonstration of the marching cube
in rendering a mathematically defined sphere

Marching cube demonstration

Stack Rendering

Applying volume rendering to
Image Stacks

Stack Rendering

Sculpt development

Applying volume rendering theory
to developing a prototype volume
sculpting application

Sculpt Application


Suite of Qunit tests

QUnit Tests

Thesis Document

Document containing the research and development in PDF format